What’s New in iOS 11 on the iPhone

What’s New in iOS 11 on the iPhone

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Learn what’s new with iOS 11 on the iPhone with our tutorial. This tutorial includes 22 video lessons on iOS 11 on the iPhone. Lessons cover what’s new in the interface, the redesigned Control Center, screen recording on the iPhone, marking up screenshots, the new Files app, and Do Not Disturb while Driving. The tutorial also covers the new features in Siri, iCloud, Notes, Safari, the keyboard, Messages, Maps, Mail, News, Photos, the camera, and the App Store. The tutorial includes over 1 1/2 hours of video training and help for iOS 11 on the iPhone.

Lessons include:

  • Interface Changes
  • Drag and Drop
  • Control Center
  • Screen Recording
  • Saving Screenshots
  • Notifications
  • New in Siri
  • Storage Management
  • Notes
  • Safari
  • Keyboard
  • Messages
  • Maps
  • Mail
  • News
  • Photos
  • Camera
  • New Files App
  • iCloud Storage and Sharing Files
  • App Store
  • Do Not Disturb while Driving
  • Emergency SOS and Medical ID

Please note: This tutorial is 502MB as the videos are enclosed in the tutorial. I recommend you download it from a wi-fi network. Also, depending on your network speed, it may take a while to download. When you purchase the tutorial, you will be sent a link from where you can download the tutorial. You can always download the tutorial at a later time if you are on a slower network. Once you download the tutorial, you will no longer need a network connection to view the videos.