Tutor for Mail for the Mac

Tutor for Mail for the Mac

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With our tutorial on Mail for the Mac, our training videos will help you learn more about Mail on your Mac.We cover all the basics plus more in 21 video lessons. Lessons include how to switch between plain text and rich text when composing messages, reducing junk mail, as well as creating different flags and renaming flags. We also look at searching options, creating mailboxes including smart mailboxes, creating rules, and customizing the toolbar and favorites bar. We wrap it up with troubleshooting tips. If you use Mail on the Mac, this tutorial will help you get the most out of Mail.

Lessons include:

  • Adding Accounts and Account Options
  • Reading and Marking Messages
  • Composing New Messages
  • Cc and Bcc Fields
  • Replying To, Forwarding, and Redirecting
  • Adding Attachments and Photos
  • Downloading Attachments and Photos
  • Working with Signatures
  • Working with Stationary
  • Flagging Messages
  • Reducing Junk Mail
  • Organize Messages by Conversations
  • Searching Messages
  • Delete, Archive, Move, and Copy Messages
  • Creating and Organizing Mailboxes
  • Creating Smart Mailboxes
  • Creating Rules for Messages
  • Customizing the Toolbar and the Favorites Bar
  • A Quick Look at Mail Preferences
  • Troubleshooting Mail

Please note: This tutorial is 485MB as the videos are enclosed in the tutorial. I recommend you download it from a wi-fi network. Also, depending on your network speed, it may take a while to download. When you purchase the tutorial, you will be sent a link from where you can download the tutorial. You can always download the tutorial at a later time if you are on a slower network. Once you download the tutorial, you will no longer need a network connection to view the videos.