Tutor for Contacts for the Mac

Tutor for Contacts for the Mac

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Did you know you could edit the template the Contacts app uses? Or find duplicate contacts? In Tutor for Contacts for for the Mac we take a look at the major features of Contacts including editing the template card, finding and merging duplicates, printing labels and envelopes, and how Contacts works with different accounts such as Facebook. Learn more about the Contacts app with Tutor for Contacts for the Mac.

Lesson include:

  • A Quick Look at the Interface
  • Adding and Editing Contacts
  • Marking Cards as My Card and as a Company
  • Adding Fields and Editing Templates
  • Changing the Display and Sort Order
  • Merging Contacts
  • Deleting Contacts and Removing Duplicates
  • Show Birthdays in Calendar
  • Printing Labels, Envelopes, and Lists
  • Creating Contact Groups
  • Working with Different Accounts
  • Sharing and Exporting Contacts

Please note: This tutorial is 298MB as the videos are enclosed in the tutorial. I recommend you download it from a wi-fi network. Also, depending on your network speed, it may take a while to download. When you purchase the tutorial, you will be sent a link from where you can download the tutorial. You can always download the tutorial at a later time if you are on a slower network. Once you download the tutorial, you will no longer need a network connection to view the videos.