Tutor for Calendar for Mac

Tutor for Calendar for Mac

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Get the most out of the Calendar app on your Mac with Tutor for Calendar for the Mac. In this tutorial we cover the basics and more including a quick look a the interface, adding calendars, and adding events. We then look at events in more detail including adding a repeating event, working with alerts and the Notification Center, adding locations to events as well as travel time alerts, adding invitees to an event, and adding notes and attachments to events. We also look at sharing calendars and adding different calendar accounts including how to view your Facebook events in the Calendar App. We wrap it up with a look at Calendar preferences. Get the most out of Calendar with Tutor for Calendar for the Mac.

Lessons include:

  • A Quick Look at the Interface
  • Add and Delete Calendars
  • Add, Move, and Delete Events
  • Set Up a Repeating Event
  • Event Alerts and the Notification Center
  • Add Locations and Travel Time to Events
  • Invite People to Events
  • Add Notes, URLs, and Attachments to Events
  • Share and Subscribe to Calendars
  • Add Different Calendar Accounts
  • A Quick Look at Calendar Preferences

Please note: This tutorial is 432MB as the videos are enclosed in the tutorial. I recommend you download it from a wi-fi network. Also, depending on your network speed, it may take a while to download. When you purchase the tutorial, you will be sent a link from where you can download the tutorial. You can always download the tutorial at a later time if you are on a slower network. Once you download the tutorial, you will no longer need a network connection to view the videos.