What is the difference between the tutorials with a purple bar on the top of a cover and the ones with a blue bar? The purple bar indicates a tutorial that is videos only. They do not have any lesson descriptions. The tutorials with the blue bar indicate that the lessons have description in them in addition to the video.

The tutorial I downloaded does not have any lesson text, it only has the videos. Am I missing pages? No, you are not. The tutorials that have a purple bar on the top of the cover are only video tutorials, they do not have any lesson descriptions. I recently started adding lesson descriptions, so a few of my tutorials will have descriptions in them with each lesson. These are the tutorials with the blue bar on the top of the cover. I plan on adding descriptions to all my new tutorials as well as adding them to my older tutorials.

Will I get updated if you update a tutorial? That is the plan. I haven't tested this out yet, but the system I use tells me that it supports this. I'll know more in the near future.

Why are the tutorials so large? The tutorials contain all the video lessons in them. This way you do not have to stream the lessons once they are downloaded.

Can I download the tutorial to my iPad or iPhone? Yes! The tutorials are in the iBook format, so once they are downloaded to your iOS device, you just need to open Apple's iBook app to find the tutorial.

It seems to be taking a while to download, what can I do? Being that the videos are contained in the tutorial, the files can be quite large and they may take a while to download. If you are on a slow network, you can wait fo ritz's to download, or you can switch to a different network that is hopefully faster. The good news is once the tutorial(s) are downloaded, you no longer need an internet connection to watch them.

Do you offer a discount if I want more tutorials? Sorry, at this time I do not offer a discount. I do have a membership site though where you pay one low price and you get instant access to all my tutorials, as well as online help. Find out more at NoteboomTutorials.com.

Do you offer online help if the tutorial doesn't help me? I try to be comprehensive in my tutorials, but I know they don't have every answer, no tutorial dos. If you need additional help, I do offer online help through my membership site NoteboomTutorials.com. As a former Apple Genius, I can usually answer most questions. You just be a member of my membership site to take advantage of this service.