Welcome to my new store!

Welcome to my new store! My tutorials have been available in the App stores since thee beginning, close to 10 years now. But times change and so does the store. Apple is no longer allowing Tutorials and Tips on Apple Hardware and Software in the store. Where does that leave me? Well I have a subscription site, NoteboomTutorials.com, that offers all my tutorials for one low price. This is great for people who do not mind subscriptions. But what about everyone else? How can you get my tutorials? Through my new store. 

These tutorials are downloadable to your Mac, iPad, and iPhone... yes, you can even download them to your iOS device. How is that even though they are not in the iOS app store? These are formatted in Apple's iBook format. This is a great format for my tutorials.

  • You can sync them across all your devices.
  • All the videos are included in them.
  • Once downloaded, you do not need an internet connection.
  • You can keep notes in them.
  • You can bookmark certain lessons.
  • And my newer iBooks, the ones with the blue border at the top, now include text descriptions of the lessons in addition to the videos.
  • New iBooks are searchable.

Curious on what they are like? Download one of my free tutorials to see if they fit your need.

Any questions? As always, all you have to do is ask.

- Dan